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graduate students

I am currently accepting MA students for the Geography concentration in the department of Geosciences at GSU. I will be honest, our funding package is not sufficient, but all accepted students have access to teaching assistantships. More info on our graduate program be found here. If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email ( responding to the following questions (a brief paragraph for each question should be enough!):

  1. Why do you want a masters, why geography, and why GSU? 

  2. Who have you read lately who inspires your thinking and interests in Geography at GSU? 

  3. Do you have a preliminary research question or topic you'd like to pursue? 

  4. How do you plan to answer your research question? (methodology)

Current students

Committee chair


Josue Acosta, MS, Geosciences

IvoRi Schley, MS, Geosciences, NSF CSAW Fellow

University of Washington

Sai Ahmed, MA, Geography

Hanover Vale, MA, Geography (completed spring 2023)

Committee member

University of Washington

Hailey Karcher, PhD, Education Policy, Organizations, & Leadership
Clara Lemme Ribeiro, PhD, Geography
Yuying Xie, PhD, Geography
Natalie Vaughan-Wynn, PhD, Geography
Alexandra Yanson, PhD, Geography
Bryan Pelach, PhD, Natural Resources Management and Policy

Wesley Carrasco, MA, Geography (completed spring 2022)

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