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freedom mapping

"Where life is precious, life is precious." 

Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s words, and all the relationships from which they grow, sit at the heart of the Freedom Mapping Institute (FMI). We aim to open up possibilities for radical care and interdependency built across people and places impacted by carceral geographies through community mapping for abolition. We propose this project to connect the skills, knowledges, and experiences of human and physical geographers, abolitionists inside and outside Washington state prisons, and rural communities to better understand long histories and ongoing struggles over the right to both the city and the countryside. This project takes place on the overlapping lands of S’Klallam, Makah, Coast Salish (Clallam Bay), Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla (Walla Walla), Coast Salish, Duwamish, Puyallup, Suquamish, Tulalip, and Muckleshoot (Seattle) nations. 

FMI Collective:

  • JM Wong

  • Cassandra Butler

  • Tyler Morning

  • Carrie Freshour

  • Emma Slager

  • Jin-Kyu Jung

  • Melanie Malone

The Freedom Mapping Institute: Obstacles to inside-outside collaboration 
Emma Slager, Carrie Freshour, Jin-Kyu Jung, & The FMI Collective

in progress
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